5 Ways to get Your Students to Master Sight Words!


Mastering sight words is essential to read fluently. Teaching sight words can be tricky. Many of them go against common phonics rules and cannot be read by simply sounding them out. Memorizing them is the key to mastering them. There are so many different ways to teach your students sight words. Here are five of my favorites. They can easily be implemented into your classroom TODAY!

  1. Sight Word Word Searchesblogpicwordsearch

Who doesn’t love a word search?

2. Sight Word Memory


Just print two of each flashcard, and you have all the materials needed for sight word memory!

3. Sight Word Flashcards


I have students put their flashcards on a binder ring. Part of their nightly homework is to study them for 5 minutes. The flashcards are also perfect when you finish a lesson early and have a few extra minutes before recess, lunch, etc. Switch it up once in awhile and have students do flashcards with a partner (a partner who reads around the same reading level). Each student can read the flashcards to their partner, and their partner can help them on ones that they are struggling with.

4. Fluency Flashcards


I love fluency flashcards because they help students learn the sight words in context. There are so many uses for these!

5. Sight Word Spelling Staircases and Unscrambling Sight Words


These pages are perfect for word work time. Students absolutely LOVE making these staircases (I let them color the steps at the end of each staircase made). Unscrambling also helps students really think about which letter comes next.

Interested in getting all these pages for ALL the sight words, plus more? Here is 400+ pages to help your students master all the sight words! 

What are your favorite ways to teach sight words?

-Mrs. B

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