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Sorting Vowel Sounds

As I’ve mentioned before, I am OBSESSED with sorts. I think sorting is such a great activity for so many reasons:

  • teaches students about relationships of things and classification
  • encourages logical thinking
  • helps students organize ideas
  • helps with compare and contrast
  • students love it!


I had a handful of second grade students that were really struggling with long and short vowel sounds. They would overgeneralize a rule (ex: when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking)  and run with it. Each of these students had a strategy card in front of them when reading reminding them  to “flip the sound” (if the short vowel sound doesn’t work or make sense, then flip the sound and try the long vowel sound). If you’re interested in this strategy card (along with other reading strategy cards),  you can check them out here! While the strategy card helped at times, they still needed more practice and support with their vowel sounds.

I decided to create some long vowel/short vowel sorts to help the handful of students. It ended up being such a success, that I implemented them during my Daily 5 time for word work for many of my spelling/word work groups.



If you have any students struggling with vowel sounds, you need an engaging activity for word work, Daily 5, or literacy centers, or you just want some easy no prep sorting pages to keep on hand, here you go!

-Mrs. B

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